Why Choose Timber Windows & Doors

Pella's wood windows and patio doors offer beauty, warmness and design flexibility -- with exceptional energy effectiveness. Timber windows offer amazing performance against British climate. Wood is an obviously insulating material - you may be surprised to learn it offers increased thermal efficiency over uPVC! Perfect fitting blinds happen to be suitable for 95% of UPVC double glazed windows with a bead range of between 18mm and 38mm. If you will be unsure whether your windows are suitable for our Perfect fitting blinds, then you should call us before you place any order.wooden window locks
Wooden casement windows are not as popular as wood sash windows in the UK. Due to the fact sash house windows being considered better searching and more traditional. Available in a wide range of colours you'll be able to discover the perfect windows to suit any home, whether you have a period property and wish to complement the authentic style, or you are looking to upgrade a current property with a traditional charm. The choice is yours.
Mario and his team were responsive, took pride in their work, respectful of our schedule and a satisfaction to work with. Make use of them with confidence. The greatest enemy of all types of timber windows is usually water. When water is definitely permitted to sit on the surface of the timber it may cause the fibres inside the wood to broaden and soften. This soft moist surface is the perfect breeding ground to get mould, and insect strike, which cause rot.
Painting and concluding isn't just an one-time application. Regular maintenance consists of repainting and refinishing exterior window on a continuous basis. If you notice the paint or finish is cracking or peeling away, it means the solid wood is exposed to the weather and it is time to reapply the sealing item. Finally make sure the exterior paint or surface finish is in good condition and doing its work. If needed, repaint the exterior of the window before refinishing the inside. This method the hard work you do inside won't break down soon after refinishing your wood windows.
Whyte & Wood is a family run joinery business specialising in wooden sash windows and Accoya doors. All our wooden sash windows are hand made with the main emphasis on quality. We have got an enthusiastic team who share our passion for wood and take great take great pride in in the work that they do and service we provide. As with our products, our hardwood windows are made in our own workshops to an exceptional standard by simply highly skilled craftsmen. This kind of means you can be prescriptive about the look and feel that will suit your needs.

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